Tarot Cards

The twenty-two major arcana from the Tarot of Marseilles constitute the main basis for the cards’ divination. Their richness allows tarot readers to find precise interpretations to explain one’s future or destiny.

Latin tarot

The Latin Tarot (also called in France "Tarot of Marseille") was developed during the 18th century and became today’s divinatory tarot enthusiasts’ favourite tool. It is used in most of the draws and gives serious predictions verified by the cards’ symbolism.

Love tarot

Questions related to the emotional life are linked to almost 75% of the cards’ draws. The Tarot of Love is dedicated to romantic predictions and gives precise answers adapted to the divination’s needs.

Egyptian tarot

According to some historians, the Egyptian Tarot finds its origins in Ancient Egypt. It consists in a true research of divinatory tarot’s history, with the appearance of twenty-two major arcana used in the divination with cards.

Chinese Tarot

The Chinese Tarot presents exceptional cards. Strongly influenced by China’s specific culture and traditions, the major arcana are appreciated for their rich answers regarding romantic questions.