Egyptian tarot

The Egyptian Tarot evokes the combination of several divination arts, especially astrology, numerology and visualisation. The Egyptian Tarot cards’ richness is extremely interesting as the occult dimension of their symbols is reinforced by the presence of hieroglyphs.

The Egyptian Tarot is composed of twenty-two cards:

The Egyptian Tarot’s origins are uncertain, but some historians recognize the influence of Ancient Egypt. According to them, the first tarot games were found in Egypt during the Ptolemaic period. They would then have been brought to Europe by Gipsies, who shared the games with the populations living near the Mediterranean - in Spain, Italy and France.

We could then assume that the Tarot of Marseilles finds its origins in the Egyptian Tarot. Nevertheless, the first tarot games do not allude to Ancient Egypt divinities, which contradicts this theory. The reference to Ancient Egypt that we often find in the history of tarot would be linked to a form of “Egypt mania” that prevailed at the end of the 19th century.

Today, 90% of the enthusiasts prefer the Latin Tarot as a divination support. It offers an unrivalled precision that allows readers to interpret one’s future on very personal matters.