Cards of clubs

The clubs refer to the spiritual world and symbolize spiritual events from the present or the future.

In their positive form, the clubs evoke reconciliation through inner peace leading to the end of a conflict. Showing the individual’s spiritual condition, they bring him stability and comfort. The clubs inspire serenity and peace of mind.

Nevertheless, in their negative form, the clubs evoke a profound sadness through melancholy or regrets. If these cards can bring joy they can on the contrary reveal instability or tense situations that preoccupy or sadden the consultant.

Strongly based in the subconscious, the consequences of the clubs come from the person’s experience. In their divinatory dimension, they indicate the absence of change, the continuity of a situation, positive or negative. The clubs seduce and worry by their constancy, which is specific to the spiritual events. They engage the individual on a long-term basis and are not much sensible to change.

Par Eva Delattre