Cards of spades

In cartomancy, the consultants fear the spade cards as it refers to their reality and its negative aspects. It can reveal health issues, emotional depression or failure. It depicts “life problems” in its most complex consequences.

Depending on the other cards from the reading, the negative dimension of the spade cards can change. If by definition a spade card is negative, it can also warn the consultant on a form of danger or risks in a situation. When it is well read, a spade card can give some meaning without necessarily showing a toxic vision to the consultant.

When you pick a spade card, you have to pay attention the other cards to understand the limits of the obstacles in front of you. A spade card can simply show you that you are able to face a problem thanks to the symbolism of the other cards from the reading. The clairvoyant’s role with thus be primordial, as it will be necessary to explain the limits of the spade cards’ negative aspects in order to understand their impact.

Par Eva Delattre