Two of spades

Description : Two of spades

The two of spades evokes hesitation through the difficulty to choose. In cartomancy, it represents the duality of vice and virtue. It can push the consultant to feel lost, far from the path he/she deserves.

Sometimes associated with moral weakness, the two of spades shows a situation that does not evolve. It invites the consultant to make a choice.

Smallest spade card, it depicts a situation aggravated by moroseness and the lack of energy.


The consultant

The two of spades shows that you have difficulties with taking a decision, and refers to the duality of reason and emotions. It invites you to choose. You have to be dynamic and react in order to fight the negativity brought by this card.


The two of spades shows a malevolent person who could harm you and use your good faith. Stay careful to not be manipulated by this individual. You have to act and read the other cards that you picked to understand what decisions to take.