Seven of spades

Description : Seven of spades

The seven of spades indicates a lack of opportunism and announces the dangers linked to immobility, and relates to the short-term sorrows that put the consultant in an unstable situation.

The seven of spades is not necessarily a negative card contrary to the other spade cards. It shows the risks of a blocked situation and loneliness.

In cartomancy, this card is dark as its interpretation can vary from one reading to the other. The clairvoyant will have to announce the dangers of the described situations in order for the consultant to avoid or face them wisely.


The consultant

You have a tendency to wait too much instead of acting. In the upcoming weeks, you should be careful with the risks generated by this form of immobility that will negatively impact your life. Be a little bit more opportunistic, even if it means not being appreciated by everyone. You often have to act to get what you want. In order to avoid temporary frustrations, you will have to show some great efforts and be very active. You should be able to overcome the obstacle brought by the seven if spade.


One of your relatives is very idle. The seven of spades shows too much immobility and it could get worse in the next weeks. You should have a discussion with that friend in order to help him/her to react and try new things. His/her attitude may be linked to a recent break-up or a professional failure. Your help will help him/her to see his/her future with more serenity.