Nine of clubs

Description : Nine of clubs

The nine of clubs is not very powerful in cartomancy. It evokes positive changes that will bring small successes in the consultant’s life. It is opposed to the eight of spades that brings small sorrows.

This card refers to all the small positive things in the consultant’s life, such as meeting someone new or getting a pay increase. It can also announce the victory of a sport’s team if the consultant is interested in sports.


The consultant

You are about to learn good news in the near future. The nine of clubs evokes small events bringing you satisfaction. This card is a good omen and announces small successes ahead.


The nine of clubs evokes positive things for your relatives that will have a small impact. It can be meeting a new person, solving a problem or winning a game. Do not hope big news but the small life problems will soon be solved and lead to a serene situation.