15 - The Devil

Card : The Devil

This card is composed of three characters. One of them is on a pedestal and has two big wings attached to his back. He also has two horns on the top of his head. In his left hand he holds a large sword by its tip. His face is surprising and seems smiley: he sticks his tongue out.

The two characters below are chained to him, facing one another.

Description : The Devil

The Devil represents sexual attraction, desire or fascination. It is the card of unrelenting passions. It is also linked to occult powers such as magic and magnetism. The Devil is ingenious and clever.
Sexual depravations such as libertinism, delinquency, agitation and excitement. This character can have a huge lack of scruple, and show disorganization and dissipation.


Your assets

You are a creative person! You like to imagine, create and invent things. You are smart and your friends know it, but you can also be scheming, which is not appreciated by everyone. You follow your intuition and you enjoy doing things quickly, with the people you love. You burst with energy and envies, but you sometimes lack organization.

Your obstacles

Unfortunately you face plenty of difficulties. You are your own slave and it is hard to deal with it. You got caught into destructive and unhealthy situations without really knowing how or why.

The action to take

You will benefit from a positive energy that you will have to handle: take it or leave it. This moment will not be easy to manage and will demand a lot of energy. Nevertheless, if you control this situation, your life will evolve and you will take it to next level.

The result

The Devil gives you an energy that will be hard to command; you may lose control eventually. Your projects will then be hard to carry out. Your contentious relationships are tainted by a lack of understanding. You will have a hard time controlling situations that you will have to face every day.

The synthesis

With the Devil, you may find yourself into trouble. You have to be careful and beware of some traps that you could encounter on your road. In your professional life, beware of your colleagues who could betray you. In your love life, do not let worsen a situation that is already complicated.