2 - The High Priestess

Card : The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the second major arcane of the Tarot of Marseilles. Its number two symbolizes everything that is feminine. It represents a not-so-young woman who is sitting with a book on her knees.

Wearing a big blue cape under which we can catch sight of a red dress, the woman seems rested and very mature. She holds a book on her knees that she does not look at; it is a decisive element of this card. The book represents knowledge and her expression suggests that she detains the key to learning. We can distinguish on her red dress two yellow stripes that can symbolize a lock. This lock would lead to knowledge and everyone’s duty would to find its key.

Description : The High Priestess

The High Priestess shows wisdom and expertise. She represents a mature woman who seems reassuring and rested. She is also a symbol of trust. She interprets occult elements and reassures with her peace and tranquillity.
The High Priestess can evoke a form of laziness and a negative attitude that can be revealed through indifference and idleness. She can hide herself behind a conformist attitude and be hostile in certain situations, especially when it comes to financial issues.


Your assets

You seem serene with the way you choose to face your future. The High Priestess shows a form of wisdom in your attitude that will be useful to undertake your project. Listen to your intuitions, as the maturity that exudes from the Priestess will lead you to success.

Your obstacles

Nevertheless, the High Priestess shows that you lack dynamism and conviction in the realization of your project. Do not indulge in idleness and keep your objective in mind. You tend to think too much before acting and you certainly lack self-confidence. Take action in order to use all your skills.

The action to take

The situation you are thinking about is too abstract: you tend to think too much about your present and lack self-confidence for your future. The High Priestess tells you that a new event that has not been announced yet is about to take place. Be sensitive to the changes that will occur in your life. Your entourage will be able to help you to take action when you lack self-confidence before making a decision.

The result

The Priestess shows a lack of evolution in your situation. You stay stuck in a position that does not suit you. You have to ask yourself the right questions and become more active. In your professional life, you are satisfied with a situation that could improve on condition that you provide yourself with the means to succeed. In your love life, you show wisdom and face your future with calm.

The synthesis

The High Priestess indicates that you can trust your intuition. You interpret with your entourage’s behaviour with ease but you lack self-confidence to move forward in your own life. Be less intellectual and stay focused on concrete actions. Do not forget: the Priestess loses too often her credit because of her idleness.