10 - The Wheel of Fortune

Card : The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune presents a moving wheel on which three strange creatures stand. The one on the left is moving towards the ground and symbolizes substance. The one on the right is moving towards the sky, embodying spirituality. In the middle of the wheel is the third creature that seems stable. It holds a sword and wears a crown on its head, which gives it authority and legitimacy.

The wheel presents a crank handle that no one controls. Nevertheless, it seems to be rolling in a constant movement that indicates changes and alternating life events.

The Wheel of Fortune is often seen as symbolizing life, death and changes. It bears the number ten and can be considered as the end of the first cycle.

Description : The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune announces an upcoming change. It represents optimism and activity and is often associated with change and happiness. It anticipates a form of renewal or the end of a situation.
The Wheel of Fortune can also symbolize immobilism and resistance to change. Its constant movement reminds of an infuriating spiral that the individual cannot escape. It can evoke risks linked to irresponsibility, hazard and lack of anticipation; for example the sudden unexpected loss of material goods.


Your assets

You are a bon vivant, capable of seeing the positive side of things. Forever optimistic, you are opportunistic both in your professional and your personal worlds. You take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and you always have good plans.

Your obstacles

Beware of entering a never-lasting dangerous circle. Overbidding is how you manage things, but you will have to be careful if you want to protect your family and friends. At any moment a crisis related to your way impulsive way of handling situations can come up.

The action to take

You always have been lucky. It is very possible that unexpected events will happen to help you get out of complicated situations that you will have to face. They will change your life deeply or not, and you should not hesitate at that time to seize opportunities to resolve your problems.

The result

Events may come one after another in the coming weeks. As says the proverb, “you win some, you lose some”, and the wheel of fortune turns incessantly. There will be a quick and positive renewal in your life; professionally you may to consider a transfer. In love, happiness may come back again and a pleasant relationship will begin.

The synthesis

The Wheel of Fortune is here to show you that you are the one and only master of your destiny. You are the only person who can influence it, and it is your role to choose your life and your path; no one will be able to change it. You have to spin the wheel and move forward as much as possible.