12 - The Hanged Man

Card : The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is a reversed Tarot card. The character is suspended on a tree, hanging by one foot, upside down. His hands are tied behind his back. This hanged man could be dead but his face is strangely smiley and confident. He seems to be waiting for something; he is frozen in a very delicate situation.

This character is a in a total incapacity of acting; he is disconnected from reality and his feet do not touch the ground.

Description : The Hanged Man

He is a generous character who sacrifices himself for his peers. He shows a lot of empathy and a complete selflessness. He can give a lot without expecting anything in return; he is a good person with human qualities.
Difficulties to take action, tendency to overthink, disconnection with reality: the Hanged Man can create a lot of disappointment around him, through aborted actions, unaccomplished promises and unrealized expectations.


Your assets

You live in a time of passivity and waiting. Beware of forgetting to think about yourself and getting carried out of the action you should take. It seems hard for you to have a middle-term vision; you have difficulties setting targets and procrastination gives you a hard time.

Your obstacles

Nevertheless it is clear that you suffer from a huge blockage in your life. It can be an emotional blockage linked to the difficulty of loving again or being loved. You are waiting, staying still, paralyzed by an event or a person. You consider an obstacle as impassable and you are stuck.

The action to take

You have to slow down and wait. Things move quickly around you and it is time to take some distance and stop for a moment. Do not be in the rush of finding a solution, stay back, know how to be discrete and analyse the situation before taking a decision. You will learn from new experiences and will have a different vision of the events, which will help you overcome them.

The result

The response is the blockage in which you are stuck. Your projects do not materialize yet and could encounter some problems. You have to wait and take some time. Chose to not react and stay passive in order to avoid taking the wrong decision. It is sometimes best to do nothing than to go fast and make some mistakes: it will always be harder to turn back.

The synthesis

The Hanged Man indicates the need to wait. You are blocked in terms of communication, project development, love life, or professional life. The Hanged Man asks you to keep your cool and to wait. Try to let go a little bit while staying put.