7 - The Chariot

Card : The Chariot

The Chariot represents a man sitting in a chariot towed by two horses. The man seems serene and he seems to be looking far away.

The two horses move in different directions, which seems to materialize the different possibilities offered to the character. The horses run over bushes that they do not pay attention to. They are determinate to move forward despite the obstacles they may have to face. The man does not hold the horses’ bridles, as he is a conqueror. The path that he chose is symbolized by his look and not by the control he has over his horses.

The Chariot is full of hope. It is full of light and shows the contrast between the Moon (XVIII) and the Sun (XVIIII). The character’s ambition and the colours that we see remind us of the forces at the beginning of the cycle: the Empress (III) and the Emperor (IV).

Description : The Chariot

The Chariot reveals a form of evolution, through progress and success brought by work. Character full of ambition and will, the man represented by the Chariot can overcome the obstacles on his road and count on his competencies and his perseverance.
The Chariot can indicate failure when the ambitions are stronger than reality. It can lead to defeat or weariness. Pride and self-esteem can block the individual in a situation of failure from which he cannot escape. The man who drives the chariot tries to give a false image of him by giving himself competencies that he has not.


Your assets

You are a go-getter! You like to be in the action, you cannot stay put. At work, you run everywhere and are known for your stressed-out personality. Your main mistake would be that you sometimes react before thinking, which leads you to negative situations. The Chariot is also a character that likes to start doing something and who trusts his chance.

Your obstacles

Unfortunately you often act poorly. You lack self-confidence or sometimes have too much self-esteem. This instability causes you problems in your relationships with others. You are often seen as an immature person, and even if you mean well you will feel that your actions are not always appreciated.

The action to take

It is time for you to move on! You will be rewarded for your efforts. It is time to take a fresh start, to reconsider certain things and to change your plans. You have to take the best out of your experience and engage yourself in things that correspond to your desires and your personality.

The result

You are in movement. Things change around you and should continue evolving in the upcoming months. The Chariot forces you to move on and offers you opportunities that should materialize into positive things, for example moving out of your place, finding a new job position, or a new relationship.

The synthesis

Your projects are long to carry out and you are not sure about your success. Nevertheless, your dynamism and your spirit allow you to move on, to stay positive, and that is why your projects will realize themselves. You use all your heart and it will make a difference. Use this positivism and your mental force to move on drastically.