9 - The Hermit

Card : The Hermit

The Hermit represents an old man leaning on his cane. The three wrinkles on his forehead form a pyramid oriented towards the sky, which symbolizes this man’s spirituality guided by his own interior force.

The man holds in his right hand a lamp that illuminates his path and shows to his entourage the light of his environment. His cane is flesh-coloured, which means that the road leading to spirituality and introspection is accessible to every human.

The man seems animated by a profound quest, giving to this arcane an important occult dimension.

Description : The Hermit

The Hermit shows maturity and wisdom as he thinks about his own existence. The man is full of temperance and discretion. He seems very sensitive to the others’ impressions and the importance of his quest brings him respectability.
The character’s timidity is so strong that he lives secluded, far away from a society that does not satisfy him and that scares him. He is misanthropic. He can fall into cupidity as he tries to keep his goods for himself in order to remain alone as long as possible and limit any social interaction possible. His quest becomes pointless and his isolation is vain.


Your assets

You are very solitary. You are also mature, wise and rational. You like to philosophize on details of your every day life for lack of not sharing your emotions with your friends. Your solitude is your strength, and for long you have developed a mysterious personality that - you do not know it - generates attraction to the persons of the opposite sex. Nevertheless, you ask yourself how to handle it and transform it into a relationship.

Your obstacles

You are now completely cut off from the rest of the world. Solitude eats you more and more everyday. You withdraw into yourself even when you try not it. You are lost in a world where everything is organized around you, and you even become selfish and narcissistic. You have the impression that you cannot count on the others and you show them: they do not count on you either. You are now stuck in the circle of timidity.

The action to take

You have to work on yourself. The Hermit likes to listen to himself and think about his own problems, to the point that he persuades himself that they have no solution. It is time to get out of this negative circle and open to the rest of the world, it is far more beautiful than you imagine. “Hell is other people” should not be your principle anymore. Meditate on your situation and move forward: meet new people, go out, and give to the others.

The result

Materialize your ideas is a long and complex process for you. It is not impossible, but you will have to work on it. The Hermit has a tendency to slow things down. You will have to show perseverance to reach your personal and professional goals. Nothing will be easy, you will have to fight for it, but the result will be here to reward your efforts.

The synthesis

Emotionally speaking, the Hermit is not a good omen, as it announces solitude. It can mean being alone or feeling alone in a relationship, when we do not manage to share things with the person we love. You have to act with maturity and take precaution in your professional world. Do not take unprepared decisions that you could regret.