17 - The Star

Card : The Star

The Star represents a nude woman who pours the content of two red vases in a waterway. Her face expresses softness and serenity. Over her head, six yellow, red and blue stars surround a larger star, much brighter and represented by two strong colours - yellow and red.

This Tarot card bears a cosmic dimension and inspires confidence. The stars have always been landmarks for men and have an occult meaning. As a guide, the Star has to be the way to find our path in the vast universe in which we evolve.

Description : The Star

The Star inspires confidence and intuition. She shares good advice and pacifies conflicts. The Star evokes a great sensitivity and refers to the woman’s image. Her perspicacity reassures the individuals that surround her. She evokes natural beauty. She announces a positive event like the encounter of love or happiness.
The Star evokes denial of reality. She can seem superficial and inadequate to face a concrete situation. She can reveal a lack of self-confidence. She also shows a form of idleness for the individuals who count too much on their lucky star.


Your assets

You are sensitive and succeed in your life. You have the spirit of taking initiatives and like to move forward, and you know your strengths, which makes you successful. Your entourage sees you as someone elegant and nice who knows how to please others and find the right words in every situation.

Your obstacles

Be careful: your projects are unrealistic. You have a lot of ambitions, envies, dreams, but you need to find the right balance. You will not be able to carry out everything, even though you think the contrary. You are a dreamer and you do not see the world as it really is.

The action to take

The expectations you have will surely realize themselves. In order for it to happen, you will have to use your creativity, your sensitivity and your emotionalism. Do not be too worried; if you use all your talents and your mental and physical capacities, you will reach your goals without too much effort.

The result

A happy-ending will occur. You are in a good cycle and the future is positive. Your projects, envies, and dreams should realize themselves. Your artistic side gives you the strength that will allow you to move forward and make your dreams come true. Emotionally speaking, you will go where you want to go, as you are inhabited by a sincere love.

The synthesis

Do not worry, you are in a great dynamic. The situations are getting better and you should reach a happy moment. Your strong sensitivity scares you but also gives you the power to undertake projects. You will be rewarded and success will be there.