11 - Strength

Card : Strength

This card represents a woman holding in her hands a dog opening his mouth. This woman dominates the animal without any effort. We understand that she uses her mental and spiritual power, and not a physical brutal strength.

Strength is number eleven in the Tarot of Marseilles. The woman wears two main colours: red and blue. Red symbolizes force and vitality, when blue represents intelligence and spirit.

We notice that the woman is also wearing a big hat that refers to the predominance of spirit over substance.

Description : Strength

Strength is a powerful spirit who dominates raw power and material. This character is full of will, self-control, ability and courage. It knows how to move forward with honesty and daring.
Impatience slowly eats Strength, and he is sometimes intrepid or haughty. This character can be narcissistic, self-oriented, and full of pride and selfishness. Instead of controlling the inner power he has, Strength will be ruled by it.


Your assets

You completely control yourself. You are animated by courage, love of challenge, and you are a go-getter. But your spirit follows, which consists in your main strength: you do not act without thinking. You know how to endure things and you push yourself to your extreme limits.

Your obstacles

Nevertheless, you are a passionate person who is interested in utmost situations. You have a tendency to go to faraway when you invest in things; you are impatient and risk-taking. You can easily be aggressive as you are impulsive. The strength that overcomes you is not as controlled as it should be. Your spirit is confused by your emotions.

The action to take

You have to work on having self-control. Learning to know yourself better, taking some distance and thinking about your life. Let go and open yourself to less materialistic things. Learn patience, develop your free will and find your positive spirit. Move forward but be prepare yourself to be resistant. You embody the proverb “all things come to those who wait”.

The result

You have on-going projects that you will surely manage to carry out. You have the strength to handle the difficulties coming ahead. Stay resistant and courageous, as you will need it. Your projects take time and you have to show patience to reach your goals.

The synthesis

You will undertake the projects you are currently working on. You will find the mental force to finish them, but you will need stamina, wisdom and experience; look into yourself. Enjoy it as it is time to try new things and set new targets.