3 - The Empress

Card : The Empress

The Empress represents a woman sitting on a throne. She holds a sceptre in her left hand and a shield decorated with spread out wing in her right hand.

The Empress wears royalty emblems and her throne places her on a pedestal. Her attitude is dominant and her expression shows that she looks towards the future.

This card contrasts with the High Priestess (II) just before by presenting a woman of action interested in concrete elements. If the Priestess seemed restrained by her thoughts, the Empress that follows her seems more radiant and focuses on the achievement of her projects.

Her expression seems to announce the next following card: the Emperor, who she supports with her femininity, her benevolence and her indulgence.

Description : The Empress

The Empress gives you confidence. With her taste for operational decisions, she invites you to take action, while representing abundance and wealth. The Empress shows a self-assured character that benefits from a strong social recognition.
The Empress can be too practical and tends to rationalize everything. She does not leave space for her feelings and clearly lacks empathy. She can be venal and superficial. Her material comfort can become an obsession and she can fall into a negative logic of profit and accumulation.


Your assets

You are a good communicator. At ease with the relationships you maintain with your entourage, you deserve to be known and your intelligence is rarely questioned. The Empress shows a predisposition in all the organizational and operational tasks leading to the realization of an action. Be self-confident, you seem gifted to lead a project.

Your obstacles

Nevertheless, the Empress shows that you have a high opinion of yourself. If in the past you successfully handled projects, it does not mean that you are safe from failure. There is no perfect equation to lead an action and you will have to question yourself in order to canalize your self-esteem. Sometimes you have to bend over to put things in perspective and to objectively face a situation.

The action to take

You will have to count on your intelligence and your ability to convince your peers in order to achieve your project. The Empress presents a character that benefits from a great social recognition, which will be extremely important in the realization of your decision. Do not hesitate to reach out to your peers to ask them for help: they will give you the right support for you to find success.

The result

The Empress is different from her peers thanks to her strength and power of action, which indicates that you will show a great sovereignty in the achievement of your project. As you are focused on its organization and operations, it will surely be successful. You can also trust your future, as you will meet new people and have new opportunities that you will be strong enough to face.

The synthesis

You are a creative and proactive force, while being very ambitious at the same time. The Empress shows that you will have to face a new situation. You will have to cope this situation with pragmatism by using all your skills and knowledge in order to take the right decision, to choose the best path, and to continue moving forward in your life project. Do not hesitate to connect and network, as your sociability is favourable and is the key to success.