21 - The World

Card : The World

Last arcane of the cycle, the World represents a nude woman standing on her right leg. She seems in total harmony with her environment. Around her is a laurels crown of different colours, which give to this woman a universal dimension. She holds in her hands tools presented in front of the Magician (I) at the beginning of the cycle and seems to control very well all the elements that compose the card.

At the four corners of this Tarot card we can see an angel, a cow, an eagle and a lion, that symbolize the four evangelists Saint Mathews, Saint Luke, Saint John and Saint Mark. Divine elements surround this woman who observes the existing link between the universe and the sacred.

The character has reached the end of this cycle and seems to have all the knowledge necessary to the comprehension of his environment and his role in the world.

Description : The World

The World announces a completion and describes a mature character, which has the experience to understand the things that surround him. This card is source of richness, fullness and success. It announces positive and concrete results compared to the efforts undertaken.
In its negative attributes, the World can be hostile and dark. The obstacles that the individual has to face can seem insurmountable and the World describes a form of renouncement. It can question the social environment’s benevolence and the individual can feel neglected or rejected, to the point that he/she needs to be alone.


Your assets

The planets are on your side! You are lucky: your destiny is in your hands. You have the capacity to succeed in the field you want; this is a unique chance. The World is yours, enjoy it and make the best out of it. Your projects will be successful and your entourage will acknowledge your qualities.

Your obstacles

A huge obstacle will block your road. The project that you are currently undertaking may even be interrupted. This unexpected obstacle will be big; it will not depend on you but will come from an external element. The World will play a sad trick on you and you will have to show bigger efforts if you want to carry out your projects.

The action to take

Your chances of succeeding are stronger than ever; use the resources you have. Professionally, you will win big contracts and create jealousy around you. In your love life an enchanted life will submerge you, bring you happiness and follow you for a long time.

The result

You will reach glory and acknowledgement from your peers, through obtaining a diploma or succeeding in achieving your training. It can also be a client satisfied with your work, a boss that congratulates you, or colleagues that know you are indispensable. Your heart is full of joy and you generate smiles and heat.

The synthesis

You are reaching the state of grace, as your success is total. The World offers you a beautiful gift and you will now be able to enjoy it. Your entourage is proud of you. In your love life, you will be happy with your partner and share great moments. The Earth continues to spin, and you too: you radiate with joy and success.