6 - The Lovers

Card : The Lovers

The Lovers bear the number six. They represent four characters: a cherub, a man and two women. The woman on the left seems older and puts her hand on the man’s right shoulder. On his right, the second woman puts her hand on his heart.

Above the man, a cherub holds a bow in his hand. He is surrounded by a vivid light represented by yellow, red and blue. The cherub represents Cupid and does not know where to shoot his arrow.

It seems that the man has to choose between the two women. One would represent the non-believer path and the other one the sacred path. The man’s look seems attracted by the elder woman despite the younger woman’s affection. The Lovers card represents a crossroads, as the person is brought to taking a decision and choosing between love and reason.

Description : The Lovers

The Lovers seduce thanks to their free spirit. They let go of the rules and follow their emotions to take life-changing decisions. Associated to light, the Lovers are about to start a beautiful love story.
The Lovers are quite hesitant. They have difficulties in taking decisions and often follow their temptations. They play with seduction and risk to get involved in a non-constructive situation and libertinism. They represent reckless characters that do not mind about the consequences of their actions.


Your assets

You are lost. You will find yourself disoriented and do not know in which direction you should go. The number two inhabits you for some time now. This situation makes you feel sad and you do not know how to get out of it. The Lovers are a hesitant character that does not know which way of life to choose.

Your obstacles

You are in a form of immobilism that terrifies you and prevents you from choosing and moving forward. You are afraid of taking a decision and you prefer waiting than choosing the wrong path. You are both passive and tormented; as you run away from the responsibilities you should accept.

The action to take

You have been incapable of making a choice in the past few weeks. Several dilemmas come before you and you do not know how to handle them. Beware, because in the next few days a new element could push you and force you to choose against your will. This choice could be complicated, as it will be made under pressure and obligation.

The result

The Lovers invite you to take a decision. You have to stop overthinking about your lack of power. Choosing to act is already a solution to move out of apathy. It is now time to accept your responsibilities, even if you have to question things and take a new path.

The synthesis

It is necessary to put things in perspective and try to think about yourself. You have trouble making choices and it is time to change. Review the situation: what are your current goals? What are your desires and your envies? This global view will allow you to take a fresh start and completely enjoy your life by refusing to be incapable of choosing between two paths. Knowing where you are going permits to not think about which road to take.