4 - The Emperor

Card : The Emperor

The Emperor card bears the number four, which represents the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. It follows the Empress and symbolizes a man seen from the side, sitting on a throne.

He holds a golden scepter, a symbol of power and authority. Its crown resembles a Phrygian cap. On his throne is an eagle with its wings wide opened. Just like the Empress card, we can clearly see the powerful royal symbols with the Emperor.

The character itself seems in control and serene. His attitude shows power, authority and rigor. He crosses his right leg over his left leg in order to show that his duty comes before his emotions.

With his steady expression, the Emperor represents an ambitious person who seems to be moved by the desire of conquest and protection.

Description : The Emperor

The Emperor has a belligerent soul. Often presented as the paternal figure, the Emperor is a protective character, confident, ambitious, which does not hesitate to take complicated decisions. The Emperor has a large will to carry out his projects. As a man of action, he communicates extremely well and knows how to use his charisma to succeed.
The Emperor can be hostile if he is obsessed with destructive ideas. He can be stubborn and can act like a despot. He takes categorical decisions that can lead to a form of authoritarianism.


Your assets

The Emperor indicates that you are in a stable situation. You give some importance to the consequences of your actions and you have a lot of projects in mind. You show ambition and it motivates you to act. The Emperor shows that you are ready to take larger responsibilities, but you have to give yourself the means to evolve in your social environment.

Your obstacles

You do not always have the answers to the problems brought before you, and it brings you frustration. The Emperor shows that you never give up and that you always want to finish what you have started. It can bring you to complications and block you in a difficult situation. Do not forget to try and find compromises to move forward positively.

The action to take

To successfully carry out your life project, you will have to follow the Emperor’s path. You will need confidence and rigor to defend your ideas and your personality. Organize yourself and trust your competencies. Do not neglect the influence of your entourage in the realization of your project, as you will need support and advice from external figures.

The result

The Emperor shows that your project is materializing. The action that you have decided to take to carry out your project will be rewarding and will clarify your situation. The Emperor brings density in your project and shows that your choices have led to concrete results. Some changes should occur in the near future and in a more concrete manner in your life.

The synthesis

The Emperor predicts a lot of stability in your future situation. You are about to find harmony and things will suddenly seem simpler. Your ambition and your motivation allow you to quickly evolve towards a form of balance that could satisfy you. Nevertheless, keep in mind that stability is not a synonym of idleness and that you will sometimes need to remain humble in order to keep your feet on the ground.