18 - The Moon

Card : The Moon

The Moon represents a blue star that overhangs the world and orders its light symbolized by red, white and blue beams. Red, yellow and blue drops seem to exude from the moon. They confer to this card an occult dimension.

Two dogs appear, looking to this star and howling. It gives a chaotic dimension to this card that reminds us of the primitive anxiety of living beings.

At the bottom of this Tarot card appears a crawfish. It seems plunging into deep-water and trying to get out of it. It is a direct reference to our inner selves and symbolically evokes the living beings’ subconscious.

Description : The Moon

The Moon expresses imagination and dreams. It appeals to the unconscious to guide our paths. This card reveals an intuitive force that everyone knows. It pushes us to follow our primary urges and our inner power. It also refers to the mother figure.
The Moon is hostile when it indicates a trauma or a hysteric behaviour. It can reveal a phobia or a psychic pain. It evokes the problems that some people can feel because of their believes in negative forces, seen as disruptive and untrue. The Moon invites the individual to listen to himself and discover surprising revelations.


Your assets

You have been very worried lately. You are stuck in a situation that does not seem to evolve. You are conscious about it but you do not know how to get out of it. Anxiety is growing and you feel powerless.

Your obstacles

Nevertheless, do not let yourself go to your phobias and fears. They are taking the advantage on you, even starting to erase your personality and carry away the person you used to be. You know about your drift but are too scared to face the problem.

The action to take

The Moon suggests you to wait. You are not able at the moment to act and manage the events you are facing. Try and think more about yourself, and try to fight your doubts. Your professional and personal projects are at a standstill.

The result

The situations you have to handle overcome you. They may get worse in the coming months. Things will not get better as you did not invest in your projects. You are too far from what is surrounding you at the moment.

The synthesis

The Moon brings you doubt and uncertainty. It brings a dark shadow that does not announce good things for your future. Things will not improve overnight and it will take time to get back into a positive dynamic. In love, beware of quick commitments and promises.