19 - The Sun

Card : The Sun

The Sun represents a shining star embodying a human face with eyes, a nose and a mouth. The sunbeams bring light in this yellow-coloured card.

Contrary to the Moon, the drops seem to steer from the sun to the earth and symbolize fertility and heat. The Sun brings to mankind the energy and the resources necessary to his happiness. The Moon symbolizes the mother figure, but the Sun represents masculinity through the father’s figure.

Underneath the sun, two children stand facing one another and seem dazzled by the star’s beams. They seem joyful and protected; they evoke happiness and carefreeness.

Description : The Sun

The Sun is the sign of fertility, joy and bliss. It indicates security and success. It invites you to push yourself forward and shine with your entire splendour. This Tarot card is very positive and represents love and vitality. It gives life and encourages its development. When it is associated to the World, the Sun evokes a universal success.
The Sun suffers from his pride and vanity. Its overdeveloped self-esteem makes him easily offended and not very much interested in the others’ comments. This card shows a self-oriented behaviour, often arrogant and narcissistic.


Your assets

The Sun brings you all the heat you need to succeed your projects and your personal life. It is your ally in your everyday tasks. It is your protector and pushes you to be warm and creative. You are master of your destiny and you know it, as the Sun helps you dominate your fears and move forward.

Your obstacles

Your pride will lose you. You live in an illusion, in which you control everything. It prevents you from seeing certain things that your entourage notices that could endanger you later. Be wary of yourself, learn to know yourself and do not be foolish about your capacities or your chances to achieve something.

The action to take

The Sun protects you against life’s issues. Nevertheless, it is also here to show you that you have to move forward and use all the forces you will find inside of yourself. Your sensitivity, your curiosity and your courage will have to be united to solve your problems. You will surely succeed, but you will have to invest time.

The result

Success everywhere! Professionally first: a promotion may come up, or a new job position with a better salary. Then personally: everything is going well in your relationships, and a lot of elements show you everyday that you attract the persons from the opposite sex, and that you are in a very positive dynamic at the moment.

The synthesis

The Sun is a beautiful proof of success. This card does not give space to any form of interpretation: your personal talents, your investment and the previous help from your entourage allow you to carry out the projects for which you have had great hopes.