14 - Temperance

Card : Temperance

Temperance is an angel holding two amphorae in his hands. This character seems to be facilitating the circulation of fluids between the two recipients. Its head is leaning on his right side and the look on its face is soothing. In the background we notice a simple, pretty and positive landscape.

The angel’s wings are wide-open behind open, and they give him the power to fly. Temperance has this strength while feeling very tranquil on earth.

Description : Temperance

Harmony and stability. Temperance is here to curb things and find a compromise. She confers harmony, tranquillity and serenity; she is also capable of solving a lot of conflicts and can show great tolerance.
Anxiety and agitation can eat Temperance. She can be inconstant, unstable or disorganized.


Your assets

You feel good about yourself. You are social and know how to be interesting in society. Your kindness offers you your friends’ favours, and your success helps you shining in front of the others. You have a very interesting personality, you are full of life and happiness.

Your obstacles

Nevertheless, you have big communication issues. People around you have difficulties understanding you and the messages that you send do not often find a receiver. You lack self-confidence and serenity. You take the risk to abandon projects that you consider as important.

The action to take

You have to communicate more with your entourage and the ones you love. You have to sooth your temper and stay calm in complex situations. Also think about moderating your professional and emotional ardours: you will be seen as more trustworthy and will win on the long term.

The result

Achievement, renewal and success: your projects will realize themselves with calm and serenity. You will fulfil your goals without fighting or forcing your chances. You are in the right dynamic: take advantage of it! Success is patiently waiting for you, let go until you find it. You will then be able to plan new projects that you will successfully undertake.

The synthesis

Temperance will bring the success you have been expecting. Nevertheless, you will have to stay humble and do not hesitate to make concessions. You will then find a better form of harmony in your life. You will meet difficulties that you will overcome with patience and delight. In you love life, you are moving towards an improvement and the outcome of a relationship.