Queen of hearts

Description : Queen of hearts

Like the Jack of hearts, this card depends on the consultant’s gender. It represents a woman whose age is uncertain. She could be very young; she could be a mother or even a grandmother. Its universal image gives it a strong power in classic cartomancy.

If the consultant is a woman, it can represent a friend. Nevertheless, if the consultant is a man, it represents the woman he loves. It can also be his mother and he will benefit from her benevolence. If it represents his wife, the card gains a romantic dimension and can indicate a form of union such as marriage.


The consultant

If you are a woman, the Queen of hearts refers to a confidant. You have to talk about your problems to your entourage because you keep everything to yourself. You live in a situation of doubt and you need to express your feelings. The Queen of hearts shows that a very close friend will soon visit you, give you some advice and bring positive waves. If you are a man, this card refers to the woman who loves you. It indicates a form of union with this person: marriage or engagement. Your relationship is growing stronger.


The Queen of hearts reveals the presence of a person who deeply loves you. If you are a woman, it announces the resolution of your problems thanks to talking and confiding. If you are a man, it refers to one of your aspirants or to the person you are engaged with. In both cases, this card shows engagement and solid relationships.