Queen of diamonds

Description : Queen of diamonds

The Queen of diamonds represents a powerful figure. She evokes a negative woman trying to force herself on everyone and in every domain. From a wealthy background, the Queen of diamonds is a bad omen and warns the consultant about the dangers brought by toxic relationships.

Depending on the other cards from the reading, she can announce positive things. In the material world, the Queen of diamonds represents quick enrichment thanks to controversial means. Sometimes associated with sex, she can evoke libertinism.


The consultant

You may meet a woman who will try to harm you. The Queen of diamonds presents a wealthy malevolent person. Beware of the relatives who try to force themselves on every level, who gossip and appreciate slander. The Queen of diamonds warns you about the other’s jealousy and frustrations. In the near future, you should be very careful in order not to find yourself in a situation you may regret.


The Queen of diamonds warns you about a danger coming from a so-called girlfriend or family member. It reveals the presence of a malevolent light-haired wealthy woman, jealous of you and frustrated. This person’s actions may have a terrible impact on your life: stay away from her.