King of hearts

Description : King of hearts

The King of hearts presents a mature person with a benevolent look. This card is quite emblematic in cartomancy as it evokes abundance and financial success. Remarkable character, the King impresses with his clairvoyance and his culture.

The King of hearts evokes the consultant’s protection. Depending on the person’s age and sex, its signification is not the same. If the consultant is a woman, it can represent a marriage with a strong, powerful and rich man. If the consultant is a man, it can reveal an older friend, respectable and trustable, who could bring financial and moral support when needed.

In its negative dimension, the King of hearts can represent a large obstacle. It can represent someone who would try to scuttle your emotional and professional projects, or an enemy who would try and seduce the person you love.


The consultant

You have to be bossy and show your personality in order to see things clearly and solve your problems. The King of hearts indicates your entourage’s benevolence and brings forward a man who could have an important influence on your life. If you are a woman, it could be a rich powerful man who courts you. If you are a man, it could be an altruistic friend who tries to help you. If you are in a relationship, this card announces a marriage leading to a great personal, financial and spiritual satisfaction. Nevertheless, beware of being corrupt by money.


If you are a woman, the King of hearts also refers to the patriarchal figure of the father, who would be benevolent and willing to help you. If you are a man, this card represents a wealthy friend who wants to support you.