Jack of hearts

Description : Jack of hearts

Depending on the consultant’s sex, the Jack of hearts means different things. If the consultant is a woman, this card announces the arrival of a young lover who will soon be very important in the consultant’s life. If the consultant is a man, the Jack of hearts indicates the venue of a good friend to talk about his/her romantic issues.

In any case, the Jack of hearts represents a young man with light hair, looking for someone and to start a relationship. It can be a friend or a suitor.

The young man can seem immature and despite his charm, this relationship may not last long. The Jack of hearts’ meani ng depends on the other cards of the reading.


The consultant

If you are a woman, the Jack of hearts evokes one of your suitors. This man is younger than you, tries to seduce you, and would like to get closer to you. Beware as the Jack of hearts announces an immature man that can block your relationship. The ephemeral aspects of this card are important as it represents someone trying to find himself/herself, sometimes at the expenses of his/her relatives. If you are a man, you will get the visit of one of your friends who is enduring romantic issues. He/she has to be comforted and reassured in order to rebuild his/her life on better basis.


The Jack of hearts represents one of your relatives. If you are a woman, a younger man will court you. If you are a man it indicates the visit of a close friend.