Eight of diamonds

Description : Eight of diamonds

The eight of diamonds is quite weak in cartomancy. It indicates an event with small positive aspects that will bring satisfaction to the consultant. This card is a good omen but its power is not strong enough to balance the negative aspects of the spade cards - for example.

The eight of diamonds essentially refers to your professional and material life. It relates to a job position, a mission or an important financial income. The clairvoyant will have to put this card in its context in order to understand the orientations of the consultant’s future.


The consultant

The eight of diamonds is a series of positive material events in your everyday life. As a good omen, it relates to good news whose impacts are small. In your professional life, it will be a promotion or a bonus. In your material life, you will take advantage of a situation.


The eight of diamonds shows that in the next few days, one of your relatives will get good news such as a promotion or a small material profit. Nevertheless this card does not announce important news, as its power is limited. Refer to the other cards from the reading for bigger announcements.