Eight of clubs

Description : Eight of clubs

The eight of clubs relates to your professional world: it indicates a professional success despite the difficulties you have had. This card announces a state of well-being following a time of great efforts.

In cartomancy, the eight of clubs warns you about the influence of certain people on your professional career. It can reveal the presence of a woman with whom you may have a conflict of interest.

Depending on the other cards from the reading, the eight of clubs can evoke negative things such as a bad atmosphere at work or a boring job.


The consultant

The eight of clubs symbolizes your professional life. In the next few weeks, you should learn some good news that will bring satisfaction and reward your efforts. It is a good omen but it also warns you about a form of danger: a conflict of interest. Do not trust malevolent persons as they may betray you.


The eight of clubs refers to a woman that could block you. Try and put things into perspective in order to not feel betrayed by some malevolent people. The eight of clubs also announces a professional success for one of your relatives, but shows you that you should try to be there for your relatives if one of them encounters some difficulties.